Why Hometown Property Services

Creating Support


We understand how critical it is to reach out to tenants regularly.  We want to ensure that they are receiving the necessary support needed.  We also commit to respond to any concerns you may have and know they will be addressed promptly.

Customer Service


We believe it takes little to no effort in offering our Landlords and Tenants effective and friendly customer service.  We want ALL of our clients to feel as if they are family.  



We believe good skills and effective communication are extremely significant!  Those qualities are valuable and help make our day to day operations run smoother.  It is also important to stay in contact in order to ensure an ongoing positive relationship and to facilitate the possibility of working together on future projects.  

Contacting Us


Lisa Bikki, Broker/Owner

Call/Text 970-270-3573


Leslie Kent, Assistant

Call/Text 970-270-0213